Sam Faiers: ‘I Launched My Fitness Project To GAIN Weight And Get Healthy’ – EXCLUSIVE

It’s January, so obviously every celeb and their dog are launching their own Fitness range to get those New Year’s resolutions well and truly underway.

However, with the likes of Charlotte Crosby all over MazSight showing off their dramatic weight loss and shedded dress sizes, TOWIE star Sam Faiers has taken a very different approach and actually used her project, Celebrity Training With Sam Faiers, to gain weight.

Pretty refreshing, right?!

After falling ill with Crohn’s disease last January, the Essex girl dropped down to a teeny, tiny six stone and speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celeb, Sam revealed that she had never felt so unsexy: “It was horrible.

“When I was that thin I thought how could anybody feel sexy at this size. As soon as I started to get better, I could not wait to get up and exercise and get my muscle back.

“I had no bum whatsoever, no shape to my legs, no waist or hips; I was all bones and that is now how I wanted to be.

“I did not feel nice at all.”

The 24-year-old was diagnosed with her illness whilst she was taking part in last January’s series of Celebrity Big Brother, sharing that she had actually slimmed down to a Healthy size eight before taking part in the show – only for all of her hard work to go to waste.

Sam told us: “Before I went into the Big Brother house I became newly single, and I was a little bit bigger than I wanted to be where I had been in a relationship and been comfortable.

“I had a personal trainer and slimmed down, I felt really good, strong, and toned and then I fell ill and lost all of that hard work.

“I lost all of my muscle tone and everything, I dropped down to a size six and I have never felt so unhealthy. I lost my bum and boobs and had no energy.”

Asked why she decided to launch a fitness project, the reality star adds: “This last year I have been building up my strength, my body weight, and I am basically where I am again before I went into Big Brother – thank God.

“Our tagline is: ‘healthy, fit and feminine’, we want it to be more about being toned and feeling good about yourself rather than skinny.”

Sounds like a pretty fab idea to us!

Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers is a health and fitness website focused on you getting the best results at home or in the gym.

All you need is your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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