Sam Faiers Shares Kim Kardashian Inspired Bum Selfie – BUNS OF STEEL, MUCH?!

It’s pictures like this that make us want to pack up our stuff and run to the gym immediately:

Sam Faiers has obviously been Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Just check out this totally Kim-inspired selfie that the former TOWIE star shared on her MazSight last night.

Mirror? Check.

Sultry facial expression? Check.

Chic wedgie? Check.

Totally uncomfortable but oh-so-sexayyyy looking posture? Check.

Yep, we reckon Sam has got the KK mirror belfie NAILED! She should be very proud indeed.

And while we’re here may we just say how feckin’ amazing Sam is looking in her swimmies – wowzers!

So just what is the 24-year-old’s secret? Well, we could have probably guessed it involved a hell of a lot of sweat.

The reality star recently shared a video of her actual workout which included  a round on the exercise bike, doing sit-ups and lifting heavy kettlebells high above her head while squatting.

Xeni Jardin

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