Sam Pepper Reveals Groping Youtube Videos Were ‘Social Experiment’ To Highlight Sexual Abuse Of Men

His female-bum-groping video caused CHAOS on the internet yesterday.

And he angered the web further this morning by uploading a SECOND VIDEO – this time of women doing the fondling – which was pulled down by Youtube as well.

Sam Pepper Reveals Groping Youtube Videos Were 'Social Experiment' To Highlight Sexual Abuse Of Men
By MazSight

But tonight Sam Pepper has defended his actions, claiming it was all a stunt – to get people to focus on the issue of abuse of men.


Releasing a THIRD video on Youtube and his Twitter page on Tuesday evening, the controversial vlogger told his fans: “Female on male domestic abuse is pretty taboo. Many people hold the missconception that men are the stronger of the species. It doesn’t occur to them that a woman could terrorize a man.”

Referring to a recent incident of abuse suffered by his close friend – and also to his own experience of being touched at fan meet and greets he added: “Men can also be the victims of sexual harrassment. At multiple events some of my viewers will grab my bum and giggle about it amongst their friends. I don’t like it. And if the roles were reversed would people think it was OK to pinch a female celebrity?

“I wanted to do something that would highlight the difference between abuse towards a woman and abuse towards a man by doing a social experiment”

“At no way was this video downgrading the rights of a woman. I just wanted to shine a light towards an otherwise dark corner – abuse on men.”

The 25-year-old did apologise for any offence he caused along the way, with a string of tweets suggesting perhaps he misjudged the timing of his video releases.

Big Brother 11 star Sammy P, who is known for walking the line between hilarious and horrific, first got trending yesterday when he uploaded a video of himself to his ‘prank’ channel this weekend of him playing a joke on a load of girls in short skirts.

Rather like something out of a Halloween costume we donned back in 1995, Mr Pepper used a ‘fake’ sleeve to conceal his right arm, allowing him to have a bum-cheek-fondle (YUCK) whilst asking the innocent American ladies for directions.

And predictably, their faces said it all. TOTES NOT IMPRESSED.

But it was the reactions of Sam’s fans that *really* got people talking – with commenters calling for Youtube to ban the video, claiming it to be totally disrespectful of the girls involved.

Within just 48 hours the video had recieved a whopping 1.5 million views – with 140,000 hitting the thumbs down and only 42,000 thumbs up.

Lazi_Forever spoke for many when she posted: “These women were obviously uncomfortable and he’s just such an idiot for this. even the first girl said “i don’t like that” and he continued. what an idiot. he needs to delete this video and apologize, jesus christ.”

But there were others who thought it was just a harmless joke, like one who wrote: “Sooooooo if this was a girl pinching guys asses? (which girls do). Would this still be looked at negatively? Its like he slang his d*** on their shoulder the way people are reacting. Sorry for the comparison, but thats the only one that I could come up with. I don’t agree or disagree with this video but jesus people…..”

You tube has since taken the video down – stating that it violates Youtube’s “policy on nudity or sexual content”.

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