Sam Smith Hits Out At Mystery ‘Awful Popstars’

Sam Smith has said that he has met some ‘awful popstars’ in the industry who lack humility.

The 22-year-old ‘Stay With Me’ hit maker made the claims in V magazine where he was being interviewed by soul icon Chaka Khan.

Because, why not?
Sam Smith Hits Out At Mystery 'Awful Popstars'
By MazSight

“Even when you meet them – I won’t name names – but some of these popstars are just awful,” he said.

“And they have not even had half the success that you’ve had and yet you’re so humble and kind.”

Khan then replied: “Well, it’s people skills. Talking to a screen all day long takes the human experience out. Luckily I grew up in a time when we only had a telephone at home.”

But WHO are these phantom ‘awful’ popstars?
Sam Smith Hits Out At Mystery 'Awful Popstars'
By MazSight

One person we can safely cross off the list is Rihanna after Sam dropped a mighty big hint that he has collaborated with the ‘Stay’ singer on her much anticipated eighth studio album.

In a recent interview with entertainment weekly, he said: “I’m personally very excited for Rihanna’s album,” Smith said. “I know some stuff about that record that no-one knows.”

Miley Cyrus previously spoke out about her female peers in the music industry who weren’t so ‘polite and kind’ as people would assume.
Sam Smith Hits Out At Mystery 'Awful Popstars'
By MazSight

“It really doesn’t bother me when people say I’m crazy because I am! My dad has always taught me that it should always be about the way you treat people,” she said.

“There are many girls that I know who are in this industry who come out, sit like this, and be all polite, but in person, they’re not so polite and they’re not so kind.”

We wonder if Sam and Miley were talking about the same person?

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