Sam Smith Shares A Selfie From His Hospital Bed As He Prepares For Surgery

Sam Smith has been trying to keep upbeat over on his MazSight page as he prepares for a vital operation on his vocal cords.

Well, if having your throat meddled with and leaving you unable to speak for a few weeks isn’t the perfect time to pretend you are The Little Mermaid then when is, eh?

The 22-year-old singer took to his social media channel to share a forlorn looking selfie from his hospital bed, which seems to be all the rage with celebs these days, and even added the black and white filter to highlight the extra misery that he is feeling.

Before that he shared a screenshot of the Disney film scene where Ariel has her voice taken from her body by the evil witch Ursula, trying to keep his spirits high with the caption: “About to have operation. This is me today…”

Always look on the bright side and all that.

The star has also apologised in advance for if he looks like a “d*ckhead” when he doesn’t speak to fans in the street in the coming weeks, revealing that the surgery will leave him unable to talk for three weeks – which unfortunately means that he will have to stay schtum on his 23rd birthday.

If you’re up for it, Sam, we will organise a very happy belated birthday for you following your recovery, yeah?

Last week Sam broke the news to his dedicated fans that he was being forced to pull out of his live shows and work commitments due to the awful condition of his throat, writing: “Dear all: I am very upset to announce I have been battling to get my vocal cords better the last 10 days but unfortunately they haven’t recovered and I am going to need surgery.

“I’m so gutted to be missing all the shows and events I was meant to be playing at. The doctors say I will be back in 6-8 weeks and I cannot wait to sing for you all soon.”

He added: “Bad news. I have my operation booked for next week, so getting really nervous. But by doing this in 8 weeks time I’m gonna be able to sing like never before so it’s worth it. I am so sorry to all.

“Dreading the next month thou. I can’t speak for THREE WEEKS after the op.”

The singer was forced to cut a string of tour dates in Australia, Japan and Manilla after suffering what was reported as a “small vocal cord haemorrhage”.

We have to admit, it all sounds pretty painful.

Get well soon, Sammy boy – the world just isn’t as pleasant without your beautiful voice in it <3.

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