Samantha Faiers: ‘Obviously I’d Marry Joey Essex!’ – The Six Second Interview

Sam Faiers is definitely our kind of lady.

We caught up with the former TOWIE star last week ahead of the release of her debut fragrance La Bella and basically fell in love.

 Major girl crushing did occur.

Sam went up against the clock and took on our Six Second interview with some super cute results.

OK, so she reckons she doesn’t have a secret talent but we’ll excuse that – six seconds isn’t long, people!

Over to Sam and the Six Second Interview!

When I think of TOWIE I think of…


Can you do an impression of your fave MIC star?

Snog, Marry, Avoid Mark Wright, Joey Essex and Ollie Locke…


And we guess we will never know!

Show us the key to the perfect selfie?


If you were a hashtag you would be hashtag…


What three things do you look for in a guy?


 Show us a secret talent…

Who would you love to wear your new fragrance La Bella?

What did you think of the Six Second Interview?

La Bella is priced at £24.50 and is available from The Fragrance Shop

[Could THIS be why Samantha Faiers struggles to trust men?]

[Are Joey Essex and Samantha Faiers officially back together?]







Jolene Creighton

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