Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom Reignite Romance Rumours After Being Spotted Together

What on Earth is going on?

After another dose of being on again/ off again with Justin Bieber, we thought that Selena Gomez was pretty much back together with the bad boy of pop.

However, Sel’s has now thrown a spanner in the works after being spotted strolling through LAX airport with none other than her old (rumoured) squeeze, Orlando Bloom.

Yes, the guy who tried to punch the Biebs in the face over the summer.

We bet Justin is fuming.

On closer inspection, and following closer research, there is a chance that Orlando and Sel’s are keeping things business as the actor is apparently attending a charity event in Vancouver tomorrow, which the former Disney star is hosting. 

And there is the small matter of the 22-year-old steaming ahead, arm in arm with Justin’s pal, Alfredo Flores, while Orlando and his stupid hat loiter awkwardly in the background.

But still, it is a little bit suspicious considering the history between the two men.


The whole Orlando VS Bieber feud began back when the boys and their significant others found themselves embroiled in what appeared to be a totally bizarre ‘love square’ back in the day.

Selena and Orlando were reportedly seeing eachother after the actor split from his gorge wife Miranda Kerr, and soon after those rumours started it looked as though Justin and Miranda were getting in on the action too.

What is this? Some kind of celebrity swingers party? 

Anyways, 37-year-old Orlando was left less than impressed by Justin’s antics (who isn’t?) and when he spotted the popstar schmoozing in the same restaurant as him he stormed over to whack him right in the face.

Fortunately/ unfortunately (however you want to view it), contact wasn’t exactly made as each side’s ‘people’ got involved, stopping there from being a full-on scrap.

Justin later antagonised the Pirates Of The Caribbean star further by posting a sexy photo of Miranda to MazSight, followed by the above photo of Orlando ‘crying’.

Way harsh, Biebs.

And we can’t help but wonder what Justin would make of Orlando being so close to his on/ off girlfriend once again.

Perhaps that’s why he had his good pal Alfredo accompany Selena through the airport to keep an eye.

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