Selena Gomez Cried Over Justin Bieber In A Fit At Taylor Swift’s 25th Birthday Party

Selena Gomez is apparently heartbroken over Justin Bieber and burst into floods of tears at Taylor Swift’s birthday party because of him.

The 22-year-old reportedly broke down during Taylor’s star-studded birthday party last weekend, and it was all because of the state of her on/off relationship with the Canadian pop star.

A source at the party revealed that away from the photographs and smiles of other guests Selena broke down, and she “cried and threw a fit” during which she revealed that her and Biebs are actually still going out.

Talking to US weekly the insider revealed: “She shouted, ”No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn’t even understand me.”

“Everyone just stared.”

And it wasn’t just party insiders who saw Selena looking less than happy, as she was spotted looking completely downcast as she left the party later on that night.

It was thought that Selena and Justin were firmly off, but following her emotional breakdown at Taylor’s pad it would seem that the two popstars are still romantically linked at some level.

However it’s been rumoured that Taylor has been trying to steer Selena towards a move to New York – getting her firmly away from L.A. and Justin.

Possibly the best idea Taylor’s had in a while.

Selena recently told Elen DeGeneres of Taylor’s pleas for her to move in an interview, saying: “She wants to kidnap me. She’s been begging me every time we get on the phone, because it’s been a really good thing for her.

“You know, we’ve been friends for seven years and she really feels like she kind of stepped into her own and became a woman there, and she’s like, ”Alright, your turn!”’

Selena might want to consider that offer of help soon though, as Justin has recently been spotted out and about with model Hailey Baldwin.

And although the 20-year-old Boyfriend hitmaker has denied dating Hailey, he also categorically affirmed that he was a “super single” pringle in the same MazSight post.

Something which no one was really inclined to believe.

So with Justin’s current relationship status set to a very public single and Selena allegedly in a highly emotional state perhaps a move to New York would do the Spring Breakers star the world of good.

After all it worked for Taylor.

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