Selena Gomez Feels ‘Betrayed’ By Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner’s Romance?

There still hasn’t been any kind of confirmation that Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner are doing the dirty, but there’s already been plenty of mystery sources coming forward to tell us exactly how Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, feels about it all.

And if you’re wondering, she feels “betrayed”.

Yes, the gorge brunette who endured a rather turbulent on-off relationship with the Biebs for absolutely yonks is appaz feeling a little bit “stabbed in the back” after pictures of the duo enjoying Coachella music festival together came to light.

An insider, who reckons that they’re pretty pally with Sel, dished: “Those MazSight photos of Justin and Kendall at Coachella just confirm what Selena thought all along… That Justin was cheating on her with Kendall.

“And it all started at last year’s Coachella.”

Hold up, WHAT?!

The source continued: “Both Justin and Kendall denied any type of romance at the time, but Selena always had her doubts.

“It stings. Seeing the recent pictures of Justin and Kendall together is like a stab in the back all over again. It’s not that Selena wants to be back with Justin, it’s more of a betrayal thing.

“She feels betrayed by Justin and Kendall.”


However, another know-it-all had a chinwag with HollywoodLife.com and revealed that actually, Selena could have been her ex’s Coachella plus-one if she wanted to, they claimed: “Selena said that Justin reached out to her in Atlanta and congratulated her on almost wrapping production.

“He told her she should come join them at Coachella. That was his way of saying, ‘I miss you’, and ‘I am not dating anyone, at least not seriously’.

“It was his way of breaking the ice.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re finding these Coachella politics hella complicated…

Although Selena is less than pleased by a potential romance between her ex and the model-of-the-moment, one person who is super excited by their dating prospects is Kendall’s momager, Kris Jenner.

We mean, of course.

Chatting to HollywoodLife.com about the nineteen-year-old’s ma, a source revealed: “Kris would absolutely love for Kendall and Justin to be the next ‘it’ couple. She adores Justin and thinks he is perfect for her daughter.

“And of course to have him on KUWTK would be a fabulous extra bonus. Kris supports their relationship 110%.

“She just wishes they would become serious with eachother, and believe me, she lets Kendall know it every opportunity she can.”

The 59-year-old matriarch has made no secret of her love for the 21-year-old popstar, recently sharing a snapshot of Justin with Kourtney Kardashian’s eldest son, Mason, dubbing the star “the best babysitter in the world”.

It sounds to us that if Kris gets her way then ‘Jendall’ (‘Kenstin?) will definitely become a thing.

Soz Selena.

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