Selena Gomez Looks Seriously Loved Up With Justin Bieber As They Celebrate A Friend’s Birthday

There is absolutely no doubt that these two are back together then.

Selena Gomez looks absolutely BESOTTED with her on-again, off-again, currently on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber in this latest snap to emerge on Twitter.

The pair were out bowling at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood over the weekend to celebrate the birthday of Justin’s childhood friend, Ryan Butler.

And if we were going to be really cheesy we would say something about how Justin and Selena have struck lucky in love and all other kinds of other bowling puns.

But we will resist.

Apparently the ever-generous Justin hired out a private bowling room for his friend’s 20th birthday celebration (who even knew that private bowling rooms were a ‘thing’?) and according to a source who had a good ol’ natter with E! about the entire event, he used this privacy to indulge in a massive PDA with Selena.

The source reveals: “Justin rented out Lucky Strike’s luxe room for the celebration. Additionally, he was seen kissing and flirting with Selena Gomez.”

If that look she’s giving you is anything to go by, Justin, you really don’t need to be flirting anymore.

She is practically the spitting image of the heart-eyes emoji.

Although this appears to be one of the only events that Justin and Selena haven’t decided to take selfies at, the birthday boy’s girlfriend, Ashley Guin, shared the snap on Twitter alongside the caption: “The happiest I’ve seen him in a while.. #goodcompany #heloveshisfriends #happy20thbabe.”


Maybe next time we are feeling a bit lousy we will book a game of bowling and ask our bestie to snog the face off his girlfriend while we play.

It apparently does the trick.

Now if you want to know some REAL juicy details about the celebration then luckily for you the E! insider has it all:

“The group, of about 12 people in all, enjoyed some of Lucky Strike’s Esteban’s nacho’s grande, cheeseburgers and wings. 

“Specifically, Justin was seen eating the mac and cheese bites.”

If that isn’t need-to-know information then we don’t know what is. 

Selena and Justin have been relatively coy about the status of their relationship, keeping us guessing with all kinds of selfies, dates to bible class, and legal incidents in Canada.

But it finally appeared to be confirmed as back on over the weekend, when it emerged that Justin had referenced Selena as his girlfriend as part of disposition in his assault lawsuit.

Which, erm, probably isn’t the most romantic way to announce that you are back together with someone.

This photo of Selena gazing adoringly at her boyfriend is a much more appropriate announcement.

All together now: Awww.

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