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A key installation, automatic extraction and publish articles, without human intervention

WP-AutoPost installation is very simple, just a few minutes, immediately began extract articles to update your site. According to the setting, automatically crawl web content, check whether the article is a duplicate, updated your site, all procedures are completed automatically, without human intervention. And we have a perfect customer service for business customers to provide technical support.

Support use “CSS Selector” or “Wildcards Match Pattern” accurately extract any content

Directional extract a page or site, only need to provide a URL of articles list, can be extract content from any site. Set simple rules can accurately extract the article title, article content and any other content.

Perfect support WordPress, automatically set Categories, Tags, Excerpt, Featured Image and Custom Fields.

Perfect support the features of WordPress, can choose Categories, Auto Tags(automatic creates tags for every post), automatically generate Excerpt, automatically set featured image, support Custom Post Type, Custom Taxonomies and Post Format. Even can extract any content to “WordPress Custom Fields”, easy to extend.

Support SEO, content filtering, HTML tags filtering, keyword replacement, keywords add links, add custom content, custom the style of extracted article

Automatically remove the HTML comments and other unnecessary content, automatically add ALT attribute on images, filter links, keyword replacement, add links on keywords, that all good for SEO.

Support filter out content that does not want published(Such as advertising code, sensitive information). Even can add custom content in anywhere and custom the style of extracted article.

Program running in the background and does not affect the user experience

Plugin has two trigger modes, regularly running in the background and does not affect the user experience, and does not affect the efficiency of WordPress.

In order to run, WP-AutoPost minimum requirements are as follows:

WordPress 2.8.5 or later, support for the latest 3.8.

PHP 5.2.4 or later.

MySQL version 5.0.5 and above.

The server supports curl.

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