Shane Filan answers YOUR Twitter questions: talks Westlife reunion potential, Louis Walsh and fans – EXCLUSIVE

For this interview, we handed it over to you!

If there’s one thing we know about omg! readers it’s that there are a heck load of Westlife fans amoungst you so we knew when given the chance to have a chat with Shane Filan it was only right to let you guys do the talking.

Call us lazy, but we let you guys write the questions for Shane and here is what happened when we presented a selection the the man himself:

How would you describe yourself in five words?

I’d describe myself as kind, honest, real, funny (when I’m drunk!) and happy!

Would you ever have fans in your video?

That is a very good idea – and I had actually thought of that for this video and it’s definitely something I would love to do in the future.

I’d have a competition and have fans in the video – definitely.

I don’t know if I would let them be my love interest – don’t really want to commit to that right now but you never know! Watch this space!

Will there ever be a Westlife reunion?

I just do not know! But there’s no plans to do it – when we finished the band we said that would be it – we ended at a certain level of success where we felt like we had achieved everything.

We didn’t want it to die out and we wanted to always be in the band 100%.

But you can’t tell the future so who knows? We might get back together –it’s too early to tell!

I don’t think it would ever be on a TV show like Big Reunion though – but it’s hard to say and there is always a chance!

Will you be dancing on your tour?

Yes, sitting on stool and then getting up off stool (laughs).

What surprises will there be on tour?

Well, I can’t tell you or it won’t be a surprise – but lots! We definitely will have surprise songs – I will be doing lots of Westlife songs – but it’s just so hard to pick which ones because you can’t have them all!

Which means inevitably some fans will be disappointed when I don’t do their favourites.

Can you describe Louis Walsh in three words?

Definitely funny, too honest (I’m going to hyphenate that) and… he never forgets anything, he never lets anything go… what’s the word? He’s very real, there’s no façade… let’s just go with real!

Have you learnt anything new going solo?

I think you realize how tough the industry is. When we were in Westlife we were just in this constant machine of success and when we toured we would tour arenas.

We didn’t know any different, but you realize now how few people do that! The music industry is harder than people perceive.

I feel like I am starting from scratch but I will always be compared to Westlife’s success which is a lot of pressure.

What’s your favourite song right now?

Passenger, Let Her Go. When that comes on I turn it up!

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