Shawn Mendes Slams The Vamps Nipple Rumour In The Six Second Interview – EXCLUSIVE

16-year-old Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer who found superstardom when he uploaded six-second videos of himself singing to Vine.

Well, if that doesn’t make him a pro at our Six Second interview then we don’t know what will.

As Shawn was in London for the first time ever, we decided to grab him and talk all things The Vamps, Harry Potter, and… Erm… Nipples… 


1. Hi Shawn! As you are in London, the rule is that you have to do your best English accent:

Not bad at all.

Then again, Shawn’s mum is English so he does have a bit of an advantage.

2. What do you do for luck before you perform a gig?

3. You visited the Harry Potter studios while in London, give us your best spell:

Kudos on the return of the English accent there, Shawn – you could have been actual Daniel Radcliffe. 

4. So Harry Potter is your fave British film, who are your fave British musicians?

Ooh, who knew that James Arthur had gone cross-Atlantic?

5.What has been your most embarrassing moment when performing?

6. Eek! Did your fans notice?

7. What is the best thing that your fans say to you?

8. And perhaps the most, ahem, inappropriate?

9. The Vamps spread a rumour that you have five, FIVE, nipples – is this true!?

Well, you heard it here first – consider that myth well and truly busted.

10. How are you going to get The Vamps back for that one?

We like the sound of this…

11. Great rumour, Shawn – nice one.

Erm, anybody else think that Shawn is being rather convincing?

Brad, can you confirm or deny that your hair is actually a wig?

Over to you.

Shawn Mendes currently features in The Vamps’ new song Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart).

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