Simon Cowell Gets Unintentionally Photobombed By Sunbathing Man In Speedos – TOO FUNNY

Simon Cowell and his mahoosive entourage appear to have been papped more times as they vaycay in Barbados than you’d think is humanly possible.

However, we have finally found the best pap pics of the music mogul to ever grace the planet, and it’s all thanks to an unsuspecting sunbather sporting a rather dashing pair of speedos.

Yep, Simon and co.’s beachside stroll may have caused a stir among his legions of fans, who all flocked to take selfies as girlfriend Lauren Silverman looked on, but all the commotion didn’t even stir this particular sleeping beauty.

The mystery sun-lover was just happy to be soaking up the rays in the sunny country, blissfully unaware of the X Factor judge’s impending presence, or the fact that Simon was practically walking his dogs over his head.

We originally thought that the speedo-fan would be a bit gutted when he saw the pics and realised that he’d missed the chance of nabbing a selfie with Mr. Nasty himself, but then decided that these candid snaps are the best kind of pic you could get with any celeb.

If this isn’t one for the mantlepiece, we don’t know what is.

Literally too hilair for words.

However, it’s not all fun and games for the 55-year-old, who was reportedly left totally devvo’d when a shortage of natural gas on the island forced one of his favourite exclusive restaurants, The Lone Star, to shut.

This meant that Simon couldn’t munch down on his annual tradition of a shepherd’s pie.


A source talking to The Sun about Simon’s dilemma, explained: “Lone Star is one of Simon’s favourite restaurants on the island and he loves their home-made shepherd’s pie.

“He never orders anything different and he’s pretty annoyed that the gas problems have affected most of the places on the west coast.

“Everyone’s been trying to book tables and they’re slowly all coming back, but Lone Star is still serving only cold food for now.”

Here’s hoping that this beach reveller, aka our new favourite person, had a teeny tiny violin stuffed down his speedos to offer Si his sympathies.

After all, a holiday just isn’t a holiday without, erm, some shepherd’s pie…

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