Simon Cowell Has Regular Vitamin Injections Because He Has A Phobia Of Getting Ill

Talk about drastic measures.

‘So Macho’ singer Sinitta has opened up yet again about her bezzie Simon Cowell, and revealed that the 55-year-old music mogul has an actual phobia of getting ill.

In fact, he is so terrified of being out of action with a common cold or pesky virus that he has resorted to getting regular injections to boost his immune system.

Sinitta dished: “Simon loves having vitamin injections because his life is so non-stop and he is phobic about getting sick or catching a cold.

“He has them regularly and just the other week he had one in his X Factor dressing room.”

That’s one way to pass the time inbetween the billions of ad breaks we suppose.

Speaking to Closer magazine, the 80s sensation also spilled the beans on how Simon is taking to fatherhood, and despite the fact the notorious Mr. Nasty has previously revealed that he is yet to change a nappy for nine-month-old son, Eric, Sinitta reckons he’s a natural daddy: “Baby Eric is a mini Simon and so adorable.

“He’s crawling and moving around so much. Becoming a father has been the making of Simon, it’s changed him.

“I think he and Lauren will definitely have more kids, they’re both great parents.”

And Sinits may think that they’re going to have a whole load of kids and live happily ever after, but she still doubts that marriage is on the cards for the lovebirds, revealing: “I’m not sure if Simon will get married to Lauren.

“They are very happy though, and it’s nice to see him so in love and settled.”

‘In love’ and ‘settled’ are two words that we never thought we would hear about the man who was an eligible bachelor until the ripe old age of 54.

Looks as though Lauren really has tamed Mr. Simon Cowell…

Well, it’s either that or all of those vitamin injections have mellowed him.

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