‘Simon Cowell Is Gay,’ Tulisa Trial Jurors Are Told

The latest news is in from the trial.

Jurors at the Tulisa trial have been played a tape in which her PA, Gareth Varey claims that Simon Cowell is gay and has ‘slept with a man’.

The video footage shows Gareth telling The Sun On Sunday’s reporter the information during a phone call.

The reporter asks ‘Is Simon Cowell gay?’ to which Tulisa’s PA replies, ‘Yes’. When asked how he knows this, he replied: “Because I know people who have.”

Openly gay Gareth can also be heard possibly joking in the tape, saying: “One day I will when I make my move.”

Before working as Tulisa’s PA, Gareth started off his career working in the music industry for various labels.

A spokesman for SImon Cowell said: “We are bound by contempt of court rules so cannot respond to these claims in the manner we wish to.

“We are speaking to the Attorney General’s office – and we intend to make a statement in court as soon as possible.”

Tulisa is currently in court over drug charges in which she denies assisting in the supply of class A drugs.

The court has also heard from the defence how the reporter gained Tulisa’s trust by claiming by offering her 3.5million for a part in the new ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

“The main character comes from a ghetto background and the story would be designed to reflect her life, it was someone of a humble background,” Jeremy Dein of the defence said.

“The story would be that she’d fall in love with an Asian male from the slums of India, that they would both fight their way out of a very poor, humble background to a better life.”

The reporter has been accused of convincing Tulisa that she would win an Oscar and would star against Leonardo DiCaprio.

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