Simon Cowell: Mel B & Cheryl Are Threatened By X Factor Contestants And Will Never Find Winners

Excuse us Si, but she’s already beaten you TWICE!

Still, Simon Cowell reckons singers make rubbish X Factor judges and that Mel B and Cheryl Cole *ahem* Versini-Fernandez will never win because they see the contestants as ‘competition’.


Speaking on a US telly show, Simon said it’s ‘not in singers DNA to find stars’.

“Singers don’t want to find stars. It’s not in their DNA. They only think about themselves. That is the nature of being a solo artist,” he said before adding:

“I own a record label. So the only thing I’m interested in is finding a star.”

And the subsequent bags of cash.

“You put a singer in my seat and somebody ten years younger than her comes on and is better, she does not want her to do well. It’s a fact.”

Is it? Because we think Cheryl’s winners Joe McElderry and Alexandra Burke might just disagree with you on that one.

Still, we love all this fighting talk – makes us even more excited for this Saturday when the ol’ X Factor kicks off once again!

We’ve got our X Factor party all planned and are ready to go.

In the same interview, Simon also talked about singers who complain about the added extras that come with fame – such as paparazzi attention.

“What I don’t get are people on TV, or making records, who bleat about the paparazzi. I always say, ‘Do a different job’.

“You put yourself in that position. The people are buying your records, watching your shows, the least you could do is shake their hand.”

You can always douse it in anti bacterial hand wash afterwards.

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