Simon Cowell: ‘One Direction Will Never Get Over Zayn Malik Leaving’

So, in today’s totally unsurprising news, Simon Cowell has come forward to say that he reckons One Direction will never quite get over the Zayn Malik shaped hole that has been left in the band.

All we have to say to that one is: WE KNOW HOW THEY FEEL, BABES.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the music mogul who kickstarted 1D’s career a whopping five years ago has opened up about the moment he found out that Zayn was waving buh-bye to his four bros in order to be a respectable solo artist.

Or a normal 22 year old. We’re not sure which.

Si explained: “I was a bit surprised to be honest. I knew he wasn’t happy, but then when I got the call it wasn’t great.

“I don’t know if they’ll ever be over it completely. They started as a five piece so they are always going to miss him.”

Sounds to us like Uncle Si really is #OT5Forever

Zayn and his glorious hair, and even more glorious face, called it quits after he was accused of cheating on his fiancée, Perrie Edwards, whilst touring with the band in Thailand, and Simon had pretty much the same reaction as us all when he heard the news.

“I was just about to jump off a cliff,” he reveals, “I was trying to say to him he should stay around a bit longer, but something inside him said he’d had enough.

“Splits happen and you have got to dig deep, you have got to do what they did and in a weird way, they’ve kind of got stronger through it.”

We have to agree. After all, even though OT4 1D will never QUITE be the same as OT5, we all have to admire the way our fave four boys have come bouncing back after taking such a massive knock.

And needless to say, we’re here to support them for as long as they are around.

(Which better be FOREVER).

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