Sinitta Says Harry Styles Is Her Forbidden Fruit – VOM

She says he is the ‘forbidden fruit’. Vom.
Sinitta Says Harry Styles Is Her Forbidden Fruit - VOM
By MazSight

Sinitta reckons that Harry Styles totally flirted with her when he was on X Factor.


Simon Cowell’s clothes dodging mate made the admission via the medium of Star magazine who she gave quite the interview to this week.

Sinitta, now 45, met Harry when she accompanied Simon Cowell to whittle down his X Factor acts during Judge’s Houses back in 2010 and says his mind wasn’t always so focused on the competition.
Sinitta Says Harry Styles Is Her Forbidden Fruit - VOM
By MazSight

“I’m aware I looked young for my age when One Direction were on ‘The X Factor’ and I remember having to remind him that I was old enough to be his mother!”


However despite this alleged flirtathon, Sinitta was insistent that nothing ever came of their flirtation, adding: “For me, he’s definitely forbidden fruit.”


This isn’t the first er, ‘older woman’ who Harry has reportedly taken a shine to.

Who could forget his cougar loving days when he was linked to Caroline Flack back in 2011 which is turning out to be a vintage year for the Styles.

In December 2011, the world nearly exploded when it was revealed that 32-year-old Caroline Flack was dating baby faced 17-year-old Harry Styles.

However, after a couple of months they broke up and we got over it.

Around the same time, he was also linked to 33-year-old Radio DJ, Lucy Horobin who just so happened to be married at the time. Harry was again just 17!

That one took her husband a bit longer to get over.

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