So TOWIE’s Vas Morgan Has Now Added Taylor Swift To His Growing Entourage Of A-List BFFs

We all know TOWIE’s resident fashionista come celebrity blogger Vas Morgan.

You know, quite tall? Wears all manner of incredible outfits? Best friends with Lauren Pope?

Yes! That guy!

Well, as it turns out, Vas has been slowly but surely building an ever expanding of A-Lister friends over the past few months, snaring none other than Taylor Swift to his inner circle.


But the Bad Blood singer isn’t the only megastar Vas has befriended. Oh no..

Here he is having LOLs with LiLo

ROFLING with Rita

Jokes with Jourdan

Cracking up with Chris

Cannonading with Kendall

We don’t know how you do it, but we’re in awe.

If TOWIE doesn’t feature a cameo of Taylor Swift throwing a drink in James Locke’s face at the Sugar Hut sometime soon we will be sorely disappointed.

Billy Hallowell

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