Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam Isn’t Dead (Or Laughing) Despite What The Internet Says

In case you were worried – he’s not dead and either is Kenan or Kel.

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam doesn’t think whoever killed him on the internet is very funny, thank you very much.

Yesterday one of those pesky ol’ ‘internet hoaxes’ broke out claiming that the actor was dead much to the surprise of all his friends.

Not to mention Charlie himself who was in fact just going about his super celebby life hob nobbing around LA.

We are imagining the ones who hadn’t heard from him in a while were particularly concerned.

Charlie says it was ‘lame’ and that his ‘friends were scared’ after believing that he had been killed in a car accident.

‘It’s kind of in bad taste to joke about people dying,’ he told TMZ who then somewhat strangely asked if he could pick how would he meet his fictional demise.

Charlie originally didn’t want to answer, saying: “I’m superstatitious, I’m not going to start predicting my own death!”

However, pushed by the photographer, Charlie said: “OK, how about dying of boredom during TMZ interviews?” before leaving.


On the plus side, you really know you’ve made it when the internet tries to kill you. It happens to all the greats – Morgan Freeman, Kenan and Kel heck even 50 Cent.

Lauren Davis

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