Spectacular video of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii released

The state of Hawaii is under siege by the spewing lava of the Kilauea volcano on the big island as pictures and videos showed lava plumes shooting into the air as high as 60 to 80 feet. The Kilauea volcano started erupting when a collapse of a crater spawn Saturday’s massive event.

The crater, known as the Pu’u ‘O’o crater, dropped almost 400 feet which started the events. The collapse caused another vent in the volcano for lava to shoot from. The volcano is known by experts as one of the world‘s most active having been active for more than 25 years.

The lava appears to be landing in a desolate area which is uninhabited by humans which should not cause any injuries or loss of property but will undoubtedly change the area where the lava flows to. Local scientists are studying the eruption to better understand the intracacies of how and why volcanoes erupt and the causes behind them.

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