Stephanie Pratt’s Birthday: Her Most Loved Up Instagram Pics

She found love on ‘Made In Chelsea’. Twice.

And Stephanie Pratt’s relationship with Josh Shepherd is still going strong judging by her MazSight account, which is chock full of pics of the happy couple snuggling up (soz, Stevie).

As Steph celebrates her 29th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most loved up pics.

1. Steph and Josh’s Loved Up Onesie Snuggles

“Long cold Saturday. Goodnight everyone @joshshepherd88 ❄”

The couple that wears onesies together…

Steph and Josh stayed warm together on a cold Saturday night in December 2014 as they snuggled up in animal print onesies for this loved up selfie.

2. Steph and Josh’s Loved Up Napping

“Caught napping between filming scenes for mic. I love this man so much #inaconstanthug #wesleepinahug I know TMI sorry guys @joshshepherd88”

The couple that naps together…

If Steph could climb right inside Josh she’d probs jump at the chance, given her expressions of love in the caption to this pic of them napping together during a break in filming ‘MIC’ in December 2015.

For all those asking for the sick bucket, at least Steph apologised for the TMI.

3. Steph and Josh’s Loved Up Trio

“Pretty happy about waking up like this @joshshepherd88 and my Lil man Charlie #LA #love”

OK so this loved up trio comprises a man + a woman + a dog; we’re not for one second suggesting any kind of ménage à trois menagerie, but rather a sweet little fam of Steph + Josh + Charlie.

And just how cute do all three of them look, sharing morning cuddles in Los Angeles in January 2015.

4. Steph and Josh’s Loved Up Dinner Date

“Dinner w my family in Malibu. Thx for the candid @janetlpratt! Love you @joshshepherd88”

Steph is a fan of sharing posed selfies with Josh, but this candid taken by her mum shows how they look even more loved up in unposed pics.

The couple only had eyes for each other during dinner in Malibu with the Pratts in January 2015.

5. Steph and Josh’s Loved Up Tanning

“Thanks for our #FakeBake tans! @thetanexpert ❤ @fakebakeunited @sandra_fakebake @vicfakebake”

The couple that tans together…

Who doesn’t love a kissing action shot?

This is surely one for the photo album, as Steph and Josh share a kiss after getting their fake tan on in March 2015.

Keep sharing the loved up moments Stephanie, and we’ll keep n’awwing over your relationship.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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