Strictly 2014: Is McBusted’s Harry Judd Only Backing Pixie Lott Because He Fancies Her? – EXCLUSIVE

We bloomin’ love those McBusted lads.

Between the two bands, the six-some have been having us all jump up and down with our air guitars for the past THIRTEEN years.

And despite that pretty impeccable feat, they’ve still managed to find the time to grace our television screens on a variety of reality shows, more often than not taking home the top prize.

(Danny Jones was quite simply ROBBED on Popstar To Opera Star btw)

Harry Judd in particular had the ladies swooning when he waltzed, shimmyed and salsa’d his way across the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, winning the hit BBC show back in 2011, so obviously we HAD to find out who he was backing this year.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Harry told us: “Probably Pixie Lott, she and Frankie [Bridge] are the best dancers.”

Well there’s certainly no hard feelings between the McBusted boys and bandmate Dougie Poynter’s ex, Frankie then…

But James Bourne simply wasn’t going to believe that Harry is backing the sexy Miss. Lott for her dancing ability alone.

The 31-year-old scoffed between fits of giggles: “When people say Pixie and Frankie are the best, I don’t think they mean ‘the best dancers’.”

To which a deadpan Harry responds: “No, they are though.”

A slightly red-faced Jimbo was visibly shocked, saying: “They are?! Oh, because it sounds like they’re talking about the ones they just want to sleep with the most.”

Well, we can’t speak for Harry but they are pretty hot… 

As well as boasting one Strictly champ, McBusted is home to two I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here winners, and the former kings of the jungle, Matt Willis and Dougie are less focused on the eye candy when it comes to their dream campmates.

In fact, Matt has somebody very particular in mind when it comes to who he wants to go into the Aussie outback, saying: “I’ve always wanted wanted Mr. T to be on it,” before doing his best impression of the actor:

Well, if Mr. T himself isn’t up for the gig, we could always put Matt back in PRETENDING to be him.

That would definitely work.

James and dad-of-one Tom Fletcher are the only two members of the band haven’t dabbled in the televisual side of things.

And even though James reckons Tom doesn’t need to go on any of the shows because he is “A YouTube sensation,” Harry thinks he knows just the ticket for the Wedding-speech-singing groom.

“I would put Tom on Celebrity Great British Bake Off,” he announces.

Apart from, erm, there’s a slight problem: “I can’t bake,” retorts Tom.

Hm, only a minor issue then… 

But the 29-year-old has some pretty Simon-Cowell-shaped plans of his own, revealing: “I’d like to be a judge on something.

“I wouldn’t win Strictly or I’m A Celeb and there’s too much pressure to win after these guys doing it, and I’d be the worst person to put in the Big Brother house.”

We reckon Tom would be BRILLIANT on The X Factor.

In fact, who do we have to call to get him signed up in time for next year’s series?

Although McBusted are still very much focused on the musical side of their careers, they have everything worked out for when they launch their own sitcom, with the boys deciding who would be who if they were… Erm… The characters from Friends.

Watch the video below to find out who’s who, and FYI Tom had already decided that James is DEFINITELY Phoebe:

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