Strictly 2014: Kristina Rihanoff Reveals Body Insecurities: ‘I’ve Spent Years Comparing Myself To Other Dancers’

She is actually smoking hot and been at the centre of more than her fair share of ‘Strictly Curse’ relationships.

But Strictly Come Dancing professional, Kristina Rihanoff, has revealed that she has been struggling with body insecurities for years. 

The 36-year-old has opened up about her ongoing battle with keeping trim in the cut-throat industry of ballroom dancing, adding that she is constantly comparing herself to her fellow dancers.

Kristina said: “Ballroom dancing is all about what you look like and I’ve spent years comparing myself to other dancers.

“It’s a hard world to work in, especially as you get older.”

Kristina is currently fighting for the Strictly trophy with Blue singer Simon Webbe, and together the duo nabbed the first three ’10s’ of the series thanks to their sexy Argentine Tango.

But despite making viewers’ jaws drop up and down the country every week, Kristina says that her issues with body image only intensified when she joined the show six years ago and her health took a turn for the worse. 

The dancer said: “When I hit my 30s I really noticed my metabolism slowing down. I couldn’t just eat and drink what I wanted any more without it having an effect.

“And when you’re performing in front of 10million people on TV every weekend you want to look your best.

“I joined Strictly six years ago when I was in my early 30s. Around the same time I noticed I kept getting ill and felt bloated and tired all the time, despite all the dancing I was doing.

“I felt exhausted and ill, but I couldn’t work out what the problem was. It was hard because on top of how I felt, I had to go out on live TV every week.

“At first it was just little things like headaches and picking up coughs and colds, and I put it down to being run-down because working on a show like Strictly really takes it out of you. It’s three months of non-stop training and performance.

“I’ve always followed a Healthy diet and combined with my job as a dancer and choreographer, I always thought that made me very healthy.”

Following a chance discussion with her beautician, Kristina decided to see if her health problems were down to her diet, and soon discovered that she was suffering from a wheat and dairy intolerance. 

She said: “I thought I ate well, but here I was being told by a nutritionist that the foods I was eating, and that I thought were doing me good, were actually causing me digestive problems.

“I decided to swap cows milk for almond or hemp milk and I stopped eating eggs and cheese and also wheat. Instead I tried to have other grains, that YorkTest recommended like quinoa and barley.

“The first thing I noticed was that getting up in the morning stopped being a problem.

“When you’re doing a show like Strictly, which is non-stop training or performing, for up to six days a week, from August to Christmas, that makes a huge difference.

“I had more energy and I no longer had that horrible groggy feeling when I woke up.”

Her change in diet also saw Kristina quickly drop a dress size, making her feel “more confident” on the show.

Well, we think that Kristina would look bloomin’ amazing whatever size she is, but we are pleased to hear that her confidence is on the up!

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