Strictly 2014: Mark Wright Brushes Off ‘Strictly Curse’ As He Gets Emotional Over Michelle Keegan

He’s just a big softie underneath all those sparkles.

The Strictly curse may have struck over a dozen times but Mark Wright was quick to nip any romance rumours in the bud last night.

Yes, week two of everybody’s favourite dancing show and TOWIE’s Mark made sure that everybody was clear on where his romantic loyalties lie.

In the pre-dance VT the Essex boy was seen struggling with the sultry and intimate new routine with his professional partner Karen Hauer.

An exasparated Mark admitted of the romantic moves: “This is hard, if Michelle were here it would be a lot more natural.”

Karen urged him to pretend that she was his fiancee, the gorgeous Michelle Keegan, and it looked as though Mark eventually got onboard with the routine, asking Karen if this is the sort of dance he could expect to be doing at his and Michelle’s Wedding next year.

And he will no doubt find getting up, close and personal with his bride-to-be a whole lot easier than his BBC dance partner.

All of Mark’s hard work paid off in the end with the duo being praised by the Strictly judges for their “beautiful” performance as Michelle and Mark’s family, including TOWIE star Jessica Wright, proudly looked on.

Yet again, it all seemed to be a bit too much for 27-year-old Mark, who got emosh for the second week running, telling Claudia Winkleman: “I’ve got a new rule: I’m not bringing Michelle, my mum, my dad, my sister again because every time I look over at them I get [emotional].

“I went through a feeling on [last] Saturday night that I’ve never experienced before and it was incredible. I nearly cried.”

Happy tears though, right Mark?

Michelle has previously admitted that she really isn’t worried about Mark taking part on the show that is infamous for splitting celeb couples.

In fact, by the sounds of things, Mich might even have SENT Mark onto the show herself – with the ex-TOWIE star revealing he is petrified about the first dance for their upcoming wedding.

He added: “One of my biggest fears all my life is my first dance at a wedding. When you’ve absolutely no rhythm and you are with someone who has, you’re going to look an absolute doughnut.”

Hmm, cheeky way of making sure the groom doesn’t show you up on your big day?

Nice move, Michelle.

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