Strictly 2014: Ola Jordan Set To Quit To Have Baby With Husband James Jordan

This is sad news for Strictly Come Dancing fans.

It looks as though professional fave, Ola Jordan, is set to leave the hit BBC One show at the end of the current series because she wants to have a baby with her hubby, and fellow dancer, James Jordan.

A source told The Sunday People: “This will be Ola’s last year for a while, if not forever.”

Goodness, this insider certainly knows how to make things sound dramatic, don’t they?

They added: “She and James have been talking seriously over the past few months about trying for a baby and they’ve decided that they will do so.

“Having a family is their priority, they have been married for eleven years so they’re definitely ready.”

The 32-year-old obviously doesn’t want to be working on the dancing show while she is expecting as the schedule is pretty gruelling and not exactly ideal for a pregnant woman, so she will definitely need to take at least a year out.

However, considering the somewhat tense relationship between the Jordans and BBC bosses we wouldn’t exactly be too surprised if she does decide not to come back afterwards.

Ola was already reported to be in two minds about sticking with Strictly for this current series after her husband was fired from the show after featuring on it for eight loyal years. 

At the time the Polish beauty was quoted as saying: “James was not happy with things and spoke about it to the producers. They did not invite him back.

“In some ways it’s dangerous to raise your opinion as you can get ditched, right?”


James was openly very bitter about being so unceremoniously chucked off the show and went on to star in Celebrity Big Brother, where he received a mixed reaction from the audience for his controversial comments.

But he then went on to finish in third place, which isn’t exactly shabby.

31-year-old Ola was quick to jump to her husband’s defense whilst he was on the show, saying: “I think he’s a very honest person and some people don’t like his honesty. He’s very straight-forward and says it how it is.”

Eek, did that reinforcement of his “honesty” mean that Ola agreed with James’  moan about Claudia Winkleman not being a suitable Bruce Forsyth replacement on Strictly?

Bit awkward.

And for the record, we LOVE Claudia.

36-year-old James continued to showcase his resentment for the show, recently slamming Strictly, dubbing it the “worst series ever”.

The word bitter definitely came to mind.

The dancer told Closer magazine: “The ratings are down. They’re struggling without Bruce Forsyth hosting or me dancing. It’s the worst ‘Strictly’ ever.”

He added: “I think [Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman] are both amazing but I do believe there should be a man presenting it too.”

It was reported last month that James had been banned from stepping foot in the Strictly studio to watch his wife Ola dance with partner Steve Backshall. 

A Strictly source claimed: “The BBC got rid of him from that role for a reason and they simply don’t want him there. The usual rule is that the dancers, both celebrity contestants and pros, get a couple of tickets per show.

“Things got so bad between James and the BBC. They view him as a stirrer and there is no place for that.”

Perhaps this would explain his, ahem, rather strong views on the show…

As scary as the prospect of there being a mini James Jordan in the world is, we can’t help but be excited that our fave dancing couple will soon have a little’un of their own.

After all, as the drama queen of an insider said, the pair have been married for eleven long years; it’s about ruddy time they had a bundle of joy for us to coo at.

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