Strictly 2014: Thom Evans And Iveta Look Smitten Already As Claudia Winkleman Hints At Wedding Plans

Thom and Iveta sitting in a tree…

Is it hot in here or is it just the UNDENIABLE sexual tension between Thom Evans and Iveta Lukosiute?

Last night’s Strictly Come Dancing got a little bit heated when former Rugby player/ Kelly Brook’s Ex Thom took to the dancefloor for the first time.

He and his pro partner, Iveta, have apparently been getting rather close during their hot and heavy rehearsals, with one of his pal’s apparently telling the Sun:  “He is completely smitten. We didn’t think Iveta would be his type but he had a huge crush on her from the get-go.”

The friend also revealed that the couple have been sneaking off on secret dinner dates and Thom has even taken Iveta to meet his family.

At the time we thought that this all seemed a little bit too soon to be 100% true – after all, surely you need more than a week or two before the Strictly lovefest rumours start to hold any weight.

However, after last night’s lovey dovey performance, which ended with a tantalizing tease of a kiss, and Claudia Winkleman’s playful jokes about Weddings and smooches, we’re starting to think otherwise.

 Thom and Iveta waltzed around the dancefloor, with the chemistry between the two apparent to everybody in the studio as well as much of the audience at home.

After facing their critique the pair made their way upstairs where they blushed their way through their post-dance interview with Claudia jumping straight to the point and asking if it was “too much” for her to ask them to end their dance with a kiss next week.

A coy Thom sheepishly responded by saying that there needed to be a build up, the TV host with the best fringe in the business agreed to this deal, telling Thom to go in for it by week four and not to “dilly-dally”, with fellow contestant Allison Hammond then saying for him to do it now.

Ooer – looks like they all know something that we don’t… 

A giddy Claudia continued to add fuel to the fire, commenting: “I’m so excited, I’m going to be bridesmaid!” Before going back to the judges for their scores.

Around about this point no amount of fake tan and sparkles could hide the bright red cheeks of the couple under the spotlight.

And personally, we can’t wait until week four to see if Thom Evans goes in for the kill.

If that’s not a reason to keep him in the competition then we don’t know what is!

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