Strictly 2014′s Frankie Bridge Admits She ‘Didn’t Love’ Being Pregnant And Felt ‘Horrible’

She looks pretty darn amazing as she shimmies around the dance floor on Strictly Come Dancing of a Saturday night, but Frankie Bridge didn’t feel so great about herself last year.

The Saturdays star has admitted that she found her changing body ‘horrible’ when she was pregnant with son Parker last year and basically wasn’t loving the whole experience.

Poor Frank!

Strictly 2014's Frankie Bridge Admits She 'Didn't Love' Being Pregnant And Felt 'Horrible'
By MazSight

While we thought she looked bloomin’ marvelous, the 25-year-old didn’t’ seem to think so, admitting that she felt VERY insecure about her body.

She told Ok Magazine: “I didn’t love being pregnant. I had times when I did, at the scans when you hear the heartbeat and I could see him moving around and his little face amazed me. It doesn’t seem real.”

But instead of embracing her pregnancy figure, the pop star felt worried about performing with the other girls on stage.

She said: “The amount your body changes is the horrible part. We went on holiday and putting a bikini on was bad.”

Adding: “If I wasn’t in The Saturdays I would have felt a bit better. Most pregnant women feel self-conscious but being stared at up on stage with all the other girls around me who weren’t pregnant was weird, but it was just a small part of my life.”

To be fair, the super-glam popstar doesn’t exactly scream mumsy, but she still obviously has a knack for this whole ‘mothering’ malarkey.

Speaking in a recent interview, Frankie revealed: “Until Parker calls me ‘Mummy’ I don’t think I feel like one. It’s weird enough when they introduce me as ‘Frankie Bridge’ on Strictly!”

N’aw, she’s still little S Club Junior Frankie Sandford at heart.

The singer, who has openly discussed her battle with depression in the past, added: “I actually think motherhood and marriage happened to me because I’m happy now.

“For a long time, my head wasn’t in the right place to be someone’s wife or mum. But I managed to get through that.

“Wayne is such a chilled out person and that’s really influenced me. I’m only 25, we’re newly-weds and I have a gorgeous baby boy. I am really happy.”

We’re pleased to hear it, Franks.

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