Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Has Ola Been BULLYING Steve?

Well it wouldn’t really be a Saturday morning if there wasn’t yet ANOTHER  Strictly Come Dancing rumour flying around again, would it? CBBC Presenter and all-round strong man Steve Backshall has apparently lodged a COMPLAINT against his partner Ola Jordan, accusing her of ‘bullying’ him during dance practice.

Pretty strong accusations, we’re sure you can agree.

And apparently, things have got so bad between the two of them, they now require a chaperone to follow them around together, after Steve refused to be left alone with his dance partner.

Looks like it’s going to be VERY awkward on tonight’s show. So what exactly has been going down?

Well, according to a ‘source’ (presumably not Judy Murray, though who knows, really)  bosses at the BBC1 show were forced to step in after Ola – who’ll be leaving the show after this series to have baby with here husband James Jordan -  dented Steve’s confidence with her ‘rude and impatient manner’.


Speaking to The Daily Mail, the source described how Ola’s… er… ‘direct’ manner didn’t sit too well with nature-boy Stevie:

“Steve is a very bouncy personality, up for any challenge, but Ola’s harsh treatment has flattened him and made him lose confidence – she was very rude and impatient when he found it difficult to master the shapes for last Saturday’s Charleston – and her choreography and tuition was so tough, Steve resorted to asking other people to show him what he had to do.”

Not ideal really, is it?

The source went on, saying that: “Ola is a cold and very distant personality, who refuses to mix with Steve’s family and friends”.

Blimey, sounds like this ‘source’ has a bit of an axe to grind with our Ola, eh?

We cannot WAIT to see how the producers try and brush all of this off in Steve and Ola’s VT this week – hopefully we’ll be able to catch a glance of this poor chaperone who’s been preventing any overly aggressive tap-dancing between the pair.

Last week wasn’t particularly great for Steve, who came underfire last week from the judges who accused him of being ‘over-ambitious’ and ‘over-challenging’.

Perhaps Ola was just administering a bit of ‘tough love’ for her partner? Who knows – either way, we wouldn’t want to be that poor chaperone right now.

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