Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Katie Price Hints That Mark Wright Invited Her To His Hotel Room

Katie Price, the Queen of subtlety, has more or less revealed that Mark Wright is the mysterious Strictly Come Dancing contestant who she slagged off last month.

The 36-year-old left everybody guessing when she took to Twitter to slam somebody on the show, writing: “Watching @bbcstrictly funny how he became arrogant v quick & can’t say hi yet 2 years ago were wanting 2 me me in a hotel & his house mmm.”

And although Katie insisted that she wouldn’t be revealing the identity of the man who scorned her, you don’t exactly have to be Sherlock Holmes to work it out for yourself.

Following Katie’s intital outburst, the representatives for former TOWIE star, Mark Wright, were quick to deny that he had ANY involvement with the mum-of-five, saying in a statement: “Mark denies ever inviting Katie to his house or hotel.”

Considering the 27-year-old was the only Strictly contestant to feel the need to deny anything, he was already looking even more suspicious than he would have done if he’d just kept schtum, and as it happens he has ended up massively shooting himself in the foot.


The Sun has reported that Katie said of the whole scandal: “I still don’t want to name him. But what I will say to anyone who denies something that’s true, never deny it where I’m concerned. I’m honest.

“I always tell the truth and I always keep backups and proof of everything everything. I have a vault of evidence to prove it, if I have to.”


We are half intrigued, half scared.

Katie claims that the initial incident took place two years ago, which would mean that Mark was in the very early stages of his relationship with now-fiancee, Michelle Keegan, when he invited Kates back to his hotel room.

And according to a new source, Michelle is NOT happy about this whole palava: “Mark has told Michelle it can’t be him Katie’s talking about and that there’s no secret past between them.

“He says he doesn’t even know her and the pair have barely had a conversation. He’s reassured her she’s been the only girl for him since they started dating, but it’s caused tension.

“They’ve already postponed the Wedding and Michelle doesn’t want any more controversy surrounding them.”

Hmm, ever heard of protesting too much, Mark?

We reckon that you’re not doing yourself ANY favours….

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