Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Lauren Goodger Is ‘Embarrassed’ By Ex Mark Wright’s ‘Silly’ Dance Moves

We think that it’s about time she moved on…

Lauren Goodger just couldn’t resist taking a swipe at her ex-boyfriend, Mark Wright, who is currently taking part in BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Despite the fact that the pair’s incredibly stormy relationship came to a bitter end years ago, she has given her thoughts on his dancing efforts and revealed that she’s a bit of an avid viewer.

Speaking to Heat, Lauren shared: “It’s embarrassing. I mean, what is he doing?

“I watch and I can’t stop laughing at the faces he pulls.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, he looks silly.”


These comments come across as all the more unnecessary considering Mark and his gorge fiancee, Michelle Keegan, managed to keep schtum about Lauren’s slightly less-than-dignified stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house over the summer.

You know, the one where she got an entire boob out in the swimming pool and cried about her love life.

Nothing embarrassing about THAT at all.

The 28-year-old has also been raising eyebrows more recently, with a series of massively revealing MazSight shots, including one posted and deleted on Friday night where she suffered from a serious nip-slip in her sexy Halloween costume:

And that racy pic was just the latest instalment in a stream of controversial photos that the reality star has been posting over the past couple of weeks. 

The most shocking was perhaps the near-naked photo that she shared for no apparent reason.

Although the host of men that enjoy staring at Lauren’s bod welcomed the snap with open arms, many others couldn’t help but notice just how indecent it was, with one user commenting: “Omg :O.attention seeking :/”

Another added: “OMG hilarious.”

Then there were a whole load of unnecessarily mean, trolling comments which we are not going to repeat.

The photo was captioned: “I make a mess when I get ready,” and one individual in particular seemed kind of peeved that the reality star hadn’t lived up to it and none of the mess was visible in the snap, writing: “U might make a mess but at least show it n not ur breasts #poser!!!”

Yeah Lauren, at least SHOW the mess, GOD. 

Later that same day she raised eyebrows yet again, with the 28-year-old posting another shocking photo of herself of her laying on a bed, naked apart from a tiny, purple thong.


She captioned the gratutious photo with: “Good night #Belfie #KissMyA**” 

However, by morning the former TOWIE star appeared to have a change of heart, or a stern telling off from her nan, and decided to delete the snap after it had been left up for a good couple of hours, giving plenty of opportunity for startled fans to screenshot.

She then re-uploaded the same image, as seen above, but cropped the photo so that it is a little bit more… Erm… Tasteful?

Only a little bit more, mind.

Too late Loz, the damage has been done and our eyes can not un-see. 

To conclude, we feel like we have seen more of Lauren Goodger’s naked body than our own of late, and to be honest, babes, the odd sparkly, sequin-embossed outfit wouldn’t go amiss. 

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