Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Pixie Lott Defends Judy Murray After Cruel Twitter Jibes

Go Pixie!

Tennis coach Judy Murray has been getting a bit of a hard time during her stint on hit BBC show, Strictly Come Dancing.

The 55-year-old mum of tennis champ Andy Murray is, ahem, slightly lacking when it comes to dancing ability and constantly rakes in low scores and harsh criticism from the judges, as well as cruel jibes from fans of the show.

However, week after week the public are voting Scottish Judy through, only fueling the nasty comments about her online, and now her fellow contestant, Pixie Lott, has leapt to Judy’s defense.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Pixie shared: “We all love Judy. She is such a lovely person. She’s really bubbly and kind and she always brings in chocolate and shortbread and just gets on with everyone.

“She’s definitely someone I love having around. So hopefully we’re still in it together [after this weekend].

“I think she’s been working really hard. And it is pretty hard for someone who’s never done anything like this before to go out every Saturday night and perform and do proper choreography.

“And she’s doing it with a smile and not taking herself seriously. I think that’s why everyone loves her.”

You tell ‘em, Pixie.

Not only does the 23-year-old admire Judy’s attitude towards the whole competition, she actually wouldn’t mind if Judes went all the way and took home the Strictly trophy, with Pixie admitting that the girls are sticking together when it comes to who they are backing to win.

Pixie revealed: “Everyone’s really close and there’s so many people who are deserving of it. And for each week there’s always a shock person in the dance-off.

“So literally it is anyone’s win. I have no idea who’s going to be in the final or right up to the last. I would be happy if it was one of the girls [who win] because us girls are really close.

“But there’s not one person who I don’t get on with who was in the competition from the start. I really get on with everyone.”

And what does the ‘Mama Do’ popstar make of the fact that she is the ultimate fave to take home the gold: “I never really think of things like that.

“I just sort of take each week as it comes, try my hardest, try my best and have fun. And whatever will be, will be.

“We’re having such a great time and I’ve made so many great friends and I’ve loved every minute of learning all the dances and I’ve realised how much I actually love dancing.

“It’s been so cool to have a taster of the different dances each week that we’ve done. So it’ll be cool to use it in the future somewhere.”

Cautiously humble, we like.

Pixie was also keen to send her well wishes to host Claudia Winkleman’s family, after Claudia failed to make it to the Blackpool shows, opting to stay by her badly burned daughter’s hospital bed following a tragic Halloween accident.

Pixie said: “We all love Claudia and miss her. She is such a lovely, funny lady to have around. But I hope she’s OK.”

Don’t we all, Pix, don’t we all.

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