Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Sunetra Sarker’s Exit Marks A Major Turning Point

Things are getting verrrry interesting.

Sunetra Sarker was the ninth celebrity voted off ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ this weekend after losing to Mark Wright in the dance off, and in our book her departure signals a major turning point.

There are six celebs left, and we reckon any one of them could lift the glitterball, making the 2014 season of ‘Strictly’ the most unpredictable and interesting yet.

‘Casualty’ actress Sunetra was a good dancer and had a nice relationship with her pro Brendan Cole, but she wasn’t in the same league as the rest of remaining celebs. It felt like it was just a matter of time before she was voted off, but as for the rest of them, we can’t call who’s going to reign supreme.

So let’s get all Carol Vorderman and look at the numbers to figure out who might come out on top.

Pixie Lott has the highest average score with 34.5, followed by Frankie Bridge with 33.9, Caroline Flack with 32.8, Jake Wood with 31.8, Simon Webbe with 30.9 and Mark Wright with 30.5. That’s only four points in it.

Caroline has the highest top score of 39, with Frankie, Jake, Pixie and Simon all having received 38 as their highest score, and Mark’s highest being 36.

Frankie, Caroline, Jake, Simon and Pixie have all been top of the judges’ leaderboard, with Mark the only celeb left standing who hasn’t had a first place week.

Simon, Mark and Caroline have all been in the dance off, while Pixie, Jake and Frankie haven’t.

That might all look like it’s pointing towards Mark being the most likely to leave next, and that might well happen were it not for his clear position now as that magical being: THE UNDERDOG.

With Sunetra out of the competition, Mark is slightly out on a limb compared to the other five contestants, and that could actually be to his advantage.

The British public love an underdog, and that is evident on ‘Strictly’ every year. Add to that the fact that Mark’s been on The Journey, gets totes emosh at the drop of a hat, and gets his bare naked torso out, and you’ve got a potentially winning formula.

‘Strictly’ has always had a worthy winner, and the public generally vote for the best dancer in the end, but let’s not forget Christopher Parker got all the way to the final despite being about as good a dancer as an eight-year-old boy at a disco doing a knee slide. So who knows?

This has been the most unpredictable ‘Strictly’ ever, with shock bottom twos, LOADS of backstage gossip, and dramz unfolding on a weekly basis, so it’s no surprise the competition is so wide open.

It’s the Quarter Finals next week and the celebs are going to be doing battle in a ‘Walzathon’ where they’ll all take to the dance floor at the same time, so that is a chance for direct comparisons.

One thing’s for sure, it’s getting serious now. Let the real ballroom battle commence.

Jason Weisberger

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