Strictly Come Dancing Fave Mark Wright And Michelle Keegan’s Relationship Might Be Suffering From Their Schedules

Strictly Come Dancing takes a lot of commitment, and Mark Wright will be the first one to tell you that, but is the show as well as Michelle Keegan’s hectic schedule putting their relationship under a ton of stress?

The couple, who got engaged earlier in the year, and who are keen tweeters have lifted the lid on how gruelling their work lives are – and on top of that how little time they get to spend with each other recently *SOB*.

While Mark is busy practicing his rumbas and tangos in London, as well as holding down work commitments elsewhere, Michelle is filming a new BBC drama in Manchester – meaning that the love birds are spending less and less time together.

Just last week Mark took to Twitter and summed up his mood, tweeting: “Train from manchester to London at this time is GUARENTEED to be rammed. Tired and need to sleep. #notinmood”

We can all sympathise with Mark when it comes to an early start like that.

But if you want to be crowned King of the Ballroom then you’ve got to put that extra mile in Mark!

The couple may be suffering some added blues from not being able to spend enough time together, as

Michelle’s work calendar also seems to be causing her some trouble, with the ex-Corrie beauty tweeting on the same day: “I love it when my alarm goes off at 5.38am said NO ONE ever!!!!!!! Off to work I go! #longday x”


Mark has been adamant in dispelling any real sign of trouble, recently dispeeling any rumours of a romance with his dance partner by saying he’d be much more natural if he could dance with his fiance.


Mark is quite gushing when it comes to his beautiful bride to be, but is he going a bit OTT on his PDAs?

The former TOWIE star is quick to take to his Twitter when it comes to Michelle, and only a few weeks ago he let us in on a slice of their domestic bliss, tweeting: “Just home from a great night, missed my girl @michkeegan whos working hard away but she has left me spag bowl in the fridge #perfect #the1”

But what might be a step to far is shouting ‘come to bed’ all over the Internet: “Hurry home @michkeegan bed feels cold !! X”

Now you’re just sounding a tiny bit desperate for attention Mark.

But did the course of true love never ever run completely smoothl? We think not.

Mark seems to be comepletly in love with michelle, and might even have his mind on having a baby as soon as their wed.

Last month Mark might just have let his plans for a bambino slip out when he retweeted a pic of a woman and a baby captioned: “i cant wait for moments like this.”

Neil Weinberg

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