Strictly Come Dancing: Thom Evans And Partner Iveta Lukosiute In New Show Romance?


Strictly Come Dancing ‘s newest (and fittest) contestant Thom Evans is apparently getting a bit hot under his rugby shirt collar for his dance partner,  Iveta Lukosiute

And there was us shipping Thom and Judy Murray.  *SOBS*

Things have been getting a tad flirty between the dancing duo, as they’ve been spending more and more time together preparing for the very first dance of the series, which airs tonight on BBC One.

Speaking to apparent dance enthusiasts The Sun, Thom’s pal (who conveniently remained unnamed)  offered up his thoughts on the new Strictly romance: “He is completely smitten. We didn’t think Iveta would be his type but he had a huge crush on her from the get-go.”

“He’s joked that he used to be a boobs man but Iveta has turned him into a legs and bum man in weeks.”

*starts frantically doing squats in front room*

And according to Thom’s mate, things are getting pretty serious between the pair – with dinner dates and a trip to meet his ACTUAL parents!

“The pair have been spending almost every minute with each other in the build-up to the live shows and are often still together after rehearsals. They’ve been sneaking off for dinner dates in Surrey pubs and Thom took her to the Weybridge Health Club and Spa. He said she is meeting his family.”

Well, all we can say is ‘best of luck’, guys – you know what they say about Strictly romances, don’t you?

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