Strictly Come Dancing Winner Caroline Flack Takes Her Glitterball EVERYWHERE With Her

Caroline Flack emerged triumphant last night when she beat The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge and Blue singer Simon Webbe to the Strictly Come Dancing throne.

The former Xtra Factor host was noticeably thrilled when she was announced as the new owner of the rather snazzy glitterball trophy, after breaking a Strictly record by getting a ‘perfect score’ of 40 on all three of last night’s dances.

Pretty impressive stuff, eh?

And it looks as though Cazza herself is positively thrilled by the achievement, and has taken to MazSight to share a whole variety of photos of herself and her prize, a bit like a proud mum.

First up were a selection of screenshots from the actual show, including the moment that she and partner Pasha Kovalev were announced as the winners, simply captioned with: “We won… Thank you so much xxx” and “We did it xxx”

Caroline then shared that she had taken the glitterball out on the town with her, posting a photo of herself and her gal pals planting the trophy with a big, fat, smackeroo and the caption: “Celebrate with the girls x”

Following the trophy’s night out, it relaxed this morning with Caroline and some cartoons as the 35-year-old wrote: “Sunday…Cartoons…Glitterball…”

Just an average Sunday, really.

Caroline THEN shared a snap of herself spooning the trophy on her sofa, simply captioned: “Today…”

Finally, well for now anyways, the presenter shared a photo of herself clinging to the trophy, whilst fellow Strictly contestant, Pixie Lott, clings to Cazza, captioned with: “I <3 Pixie.”

But not as much as you <3 that glitterball, eh Caz?

Something tell us that she’s a *little* bit chuffed with winning the entire thing, and so she ruddy well should be.

Congrats Caroline, it looks to us like the Strictly trophy has gone to a great home <3

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Josh Feldman

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