Strictly Come Dancing’s James Jordan Released From Hospital After Collapsing On Christmas Day

Just when you think that things can’t get any worse for this Strictly Come Dancing couple, James Jordan reportedly collapsed at the family home on Christmas day after complaining of chest pains.

The dancer’s wife, Ola Jordan, was understandably described to be “shocked and distressed” as an ambulance rushed to their home to take James to hospital, where he needs to go back for further tests this week.


A source close to the couple revealed: “James wasn’t right all morning and then he began to be sick and then collapsed.

“He had mentioned he’d been having chest pains. It was horrific for Ola. She was stuck and couldn’t do anything except shout to the neighbours, who thankfully heard and went in to help.

“Ola was absolutely heartbroken. She feared something horrible had happened to her husband.

“They decided that they should call an ambulance right away and James was rushed to hospital.”

Rather hauntingly, James kicked off Christmas day by tweeting about feeling poorly, telling himself to ‘man-up’, he wrote: “Woke up with pain already this morning

Lauren Davis

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