Strictly’s Simon Webbe Was Sexting SIX Girls Behind Ex-Girlfriend’s Back, The Scoundrel

Tut tut, Simon.

You know how it goes; celeb does reality show, celeb’s exes come out of the woodwork to spill the beans, we all get some juicy gossip – lovely stuff.

So as it happens, Lee Ryan isn’t the only love rat of boyband Blue after Simon Webbe’s ex-girlfriend, Maria Kouka, has come out and dished the dirt on the Strictly Come Dancing star, and it’s not pretty.

Speaking to the Sun, Maria – who dated Simon for three years – claims that she was left totally devastated when she discovered that the singer was swapping all sorts of raunchy messages with not one, not even two, but SIX other women.

We blame Tinder.

The 27-year-old stunner said: “When I was with Simon I felt I was competing with every single woman in the world.

“In the time we were together there were at least six times that I doubted his loyalty because of texts I found from other women.”

“I never caught him in the act and to this day he denies it. But he kept putting me in situations that made me doubt his faithfulness. I found one message he had sent a girl inviting her back to his hotel room, and one from a different girl inviting him back to her room.

“There were more texts to him from two other girls calling him ‘lover’ or ‘sexy’ and saying things like, ‘I can’t wait to see you.’”

Hmm, we have to admit that it’s all looking a bit suspicious, Si.

Maria, who is a wannabe actress (surprising), broke up with the boyband member in January when she found “explicit photos of a naked girl on his phone”. 

“She was a former Playboy model from Germany who had sent them to Simon after they met in a club and swapped phone numbers,” explained Maria, “When I said I had seen them he was floored, and tried to say she was just showing him her work. But we ended the relationship after that.”

‘Showing him her work’?? Oh Simon, that’s the worst excuse we have ever heard.

Despite all of this heartache, Maria insists that she is still friends with her ex and that she was even the first person that the 36-year-old told about competing in Strictly Come Dancing.

However, she will not be watching the show because she is “sure” that Simon, who once claimed to have bedded over 300 women, would fall in love with a dancer.

Well, that does seem to be the Strictly way…

Simon’s spokesperson has since thrown some serious shade at his ex-girlfriend, saying of Maria’s claims: “In light of Simon’s current success in Strictly, the timing of Maria’s decision to speak out is no surprise to him, especially since they split amicably over ten months ago.

“Simon will not be commenting further, out of respect for a relationship that he presumed was sacred, but understandably he is shocked and hurt that she would do this.”

Eek, something tells us that Simon is not best pleased…

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