Susanna Reid Attempts To Hide Her Breakfast On Good Morning Britain: Her Most Endearing On Air Gaffes

Susanna Reid has fast secured herself to be the nation’s favourite news anchor to wake-up to thanks to her charm, wit, and occasional on air slip up.

Luckily, the latter is what makes the 44-year-old all the more endearing.

The Good Morning Britain host’s latest gaffe saw her having a sudden realisation that she’d left her breakfast plate on the floor in clear view of the camera.

Rather than getting flustered, Susanna instead carried on talking to camera as if nothing had gone awry.

Her foot, however, could be seen pushing the plate behind her desk in comic ‘no one will notice’ slow motion. A solid, if futile, attempt.

But this isn’t the first GMB gaffe that has ingratiated Susanna to the nation (and hopefully not the last).

Susanna makes Dan Stevens blush

Quite possibly her FINEST hour, Susanna was interviewing former Downton star Dan Stevens, asking him how he landed the role for his new action flick ‘The Guest’. A simple enough question, or so you’d think.

Unfortunately, Susanna’s choice of words were: “You must have had to beat off a lot of American men to get this part.”

Not exactly what you’d expect to hear before your morning cup of coffee.

Stevens attempted to stifle a laugh, leaving a bemused Susanna confused as to why. Adding fuel to the fire, Susanna followed the question with this: “Why does that make you giggle? Did you not have to beat them off?”

And with that, Dan – alongside Susanna’s co-host Ben Shephard – fell into fits of giggles.

Susanna’s dress breaks free

Earlier this year, poor Susanna was forced to change dresses after it split live on air.

Co-presenter Kate Garraway kept the show afloat whilst Susanna made her hasty exit, sharing with viewers: “I think we should explain that Susanna has just nipped out the studio after a slight wardrobe malfunction.”
Susanna Reid Attempts To Hide Her Breakfast On Good Morning Britain: Her Most Endearing On Air Gaffes
By MazSight

Speaking candidly about the drama, an exasperated Susanna later explained: “My dress broke… During the news bulletin, the back of it completely split open.

“Behind the scenes, the lovely wardrobe mistress was trying to sew me into the dress. I think physics and my sheer width proved a bit of an obstacle.”

Well, at least that malfunction wasn’t caught on camera, eh?

Susanna loses it completely

We’ve all been there – falling afoul to a fit of the giggles and just not being able to fight it.

But thankfully, this will probably never happen to us on live television with thousands of people watching – unlike poor Susanna who just couldn’t control herself after Richard Arnold appeared to break wind in the middle of their on air chat.

The laughter came as Richard adjusted himself on the sofa as he completed a link, only for a suspicious noise to come from underneath him, and a look of pure embarrassment to flash upon his face.

Any hope that Richard had about letting the incident go unnoticed was short-lived as almost immediately Susanna and co-host Ben Shepherd, burst into hysterics.

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