Susanna Reid Completely Loses It On Live TV After Richard Arnold Farts – WATCH

We’ve all had that moment where something really, really funny happens and we just can’t contain our giggles.

But thankfully this will probably never happen to us on live television with thousands of people watching, unlike poor Susanna Reid who just couldn’t control herself after Richard Arnold, the showbiz correspondent, appeared to break wind in the middle of their chat yesterday morning.


The laughter came as Richard adjusted himself on the sofa as he completed a link, only for a suspicious noise to come from underneath him, and a look of pure embarrassment to flash upon his face.

And any hope that Richard had about letting the incident go unnoticed was short-lived as straight away the hosts, Susanna and Ben Shepherd, were in hysterics.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star attempted to palm off the blame, saying: “Can we lose this [sofa]? It definitely wasn’t me.”

But that just made the hosts laugh even more, with Ben retorting: “Don’t blame the sofa!”

As a mortified Richard made a swift exit Ben continued to joke: “You leave us with the remnants! He’s really gone out the door, he’s too embarrassed.”

All while Susanna competely failed to regain any form of composure as she attempted to introduce the next part of the show.

And the host was clearly still tickled by the whole incident today, writing on Twitter: “And @[email protected] I think we finally put #Squeakgate to bed @gmb#ItWasTheSofa Good to know that #squeakgate made so many people giggle @[email protected]#momentsofjoy “

Meanwhile, Richard continued to protest his innocence over on his own Twitter page, retweeting the Good Morning Britain floor manager who had written: “@[email protected] Sorry Dickie, I fixed the sofa leg with a wooden wedge to stop it slipping this morning! That’s the noise!”

Hmm, we think that he might be protesting a little bit too much…

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