Susanna Reid: ‘I’m Fed Up With Being Labeled A Flirt – It’s Frustrating’

Susanna Reid has become rather well-known for her very friendly interviews with high-profile guests, including David Beckham and the actual British Prime Minister, David Cameron, but has now admitted that it’s pretty annoying to constantly be labeled a “flirt”.

We don’t blame you for being peeved, babes. 

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, the Good Morning Britain host ranted about her broadcasting reputation, explaining: “Wearing a dress and chewing a pen is interpreted as something else. 

“It’s frustrating – I’m a professional interviewer whose job is to get the absolute best out of people.

“To then have it described in different ways feels a bit like, ‘Come on, really?’”


She adds: “But as a woman in the media you have to take that as part of the rough and tumble. It enables you to lay down another layer of thick skin.”

And even if she was flirting with Becks, she isn’t even interested in dating any time soon so he’d end up being rejected anyways*.


The 44 year old, who split from her husband Dominic Cotton in 2014, shares: “At the moment I don’t feel the need. I’m not dating but I still go out.

“Do I have lots of male friends? Yes. Gay, straight, married.

“I was in a relationship for sixteen years and i’m not in a rush to be involved in anything else.

“I’ve got a job that’s utterly fulfilling, three children I’m completely dedicated to, and a great friendship with their dad.”

TBH, it does sound like she has it all. 

In the past Susanna has raised eyebrows for still living with Dominic and their children, Jack, Sam, and Finn, but she also defended their decision by explaining: “We’re still really good friends and we have an arrangement where we’re doing the best we can for our kids.

“People found that unusual but it’s worked. 

“We have a very good, positive and genuine friendship that will last now and three great kids who we adore and would do anything for.”

Sounds to us like Susanna has her priorities sorted and her head screwed on, what a complete and utter babe.


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