Susanna Reid Suffers An Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction Live On Good Morning Britain

Poor Susanna Reid had a pretty unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on live TV earlier today, forcing the presenter to nip off camera to have a change of outfit midway through Good Morning Britain.


Despite the mishap, the brunette babe proved that she was an absolute pro as she laughed off the blunder and rejoined her co-hosts with a smile on her face.

Co-presenter Kate Garraway kept the live show afloat whilst Susanna made her hasty exit, sharing with viewers: “I think we should explain that Susanna has just nipped out the studio after a slight wardrobe malfunction.

“All will be sorted out, although it has warmed John up this morning.”


Kate continued with the joke, adding: “He’s very pleased about it. It was a marvellous moment there for you.”

Thankfully our Tuesday morning queasiness could stop there with a frantic Susanna quickly dashing back on set, and she had noticeably changed from her gorgeous pink dress into a fetching orange number.

Good thing that the wardrobe department had an equally lovely outfit backstage for her, eh?

Speaking candidly about the dramz the exasperated 44-year-old explained: “My dress broke… During the news bulletin, the back of it completely split open.

“Behind the scenes, the lovely wardrobe mistress was trying to sew me into the dress. I think physics and my sheer width proved a bit of an obstacle.”

After the show the star referenced the malfunction on her Twitter page, also acknowledging her ongoing eye infection that has forced her to wear glasses on this weeks shows.

Susanna wrote: “Having one of those weeks … my zip just broke. Eye still not recovered. Glasses still on. @gmb”

Here’s hoping that the rest of the week goes a lot more smoothly for the star!

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