Susanna Reid Takes Part In Ice Bucket Challenge With Ben Shepherd

It’s officially taking celebland by storm!

Susanna Reid took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge this morning with her Good Morning Britain cohost Ben Shepherd.

Not at all bothered about messing up her hair and make-up you can’t accuse Susanna of not chucking herself in at the deep end.

The trend, over from the US, aims to raise awareness for ALS, or Motor Neurone Disease as it is more commonly known on this side of the Atlantic.

Being nominated means you are obliged to dump a bucket of freezing cold water over your head or you pay a donation to charity to have yourself excused. Then you nominate your friends to do the same.

Except because no one wants to look like they’re shirking out of giving money to a good cause, most participants are donating money AND taking the challenge.

Susanna and Ben had been nominated by fellow presenter Laura Tobin who did her own challenge over the weekend.

We actually love Susanna even more after seeing these pictures – big respect all round!

And the former Strictly contestant was even happy to pose for a smiley photo after she had been derched at which point we would have been making a dash for a hot shower and towel.

Following her challenge Susanna nominated  This Morning’s Ruth Langfrod and her GMB cohost Sean Fletcher who did the honours with her icy bucket!

And honouring her nomination Ruth was seen on This Morning later on in the morning taking part in the challenge.

Much to the delight of Eamonn Holmes.

Find out more at the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

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