Tamara Eccleston Posts Some RIDICULOUS Birthday Photos

Oh how the other half live, eh?

Tamara Ecclestone has been celebrating her birthday in her usual understated and modest fashion.

Her husband Jay Rutland and sister Petra have laid on a lavish spread for the mother-of-one, which OBVIOUSLY includes an 8ft high wall of roses, spelling out the number 30 (which, in case you didn’t know, is how old she is today).

Someone’s been taking tips from the Kardashian-West brood, wouldn’t you say?

This makes our Costco birthday cake from 3 years ago pale into insignificance really.

Professional rich-person Tamara posted the snaps to her MazSight, showing off celebrating the special day with her followers too.

That’s nice of her isn’t it?

*GRITS TEETH* We’re sooooo happy for you babes!

Of course, it wasn’t just champagne, flowers and privilege that Tamz got for her birthday this year. She also got these ever-so-tasteful iPhone and iPad covers.

Who doesn’t love a Swarovski-encrusted baby, hmm?

Thankfully her daughter Sophia hadn’t been encrusted in real life, and got in some of the snaps with her Mum.


We can’t wait to see what she’s doing this evening – presumably dining on swan and drinking diamond infused champage.

Meh, we’d rather stick to Chicken Dippers and a bottle of Babycham.

[Tamara Ecclestone Gives Birth!]

[Tamara Ecclestone has only gone and got herself pregant! Woop]

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