Tamara Ecclestone Reveals Her Post-Baby Diet And Secrets To Weight Loss

She looked absolutely tiny just days before giving birth to her daughter, Sophia.

And now the slinky and lithe Tamara Ecclestone, F1 heiress and socialite, has revealed her post-baby body diet secrets after getting back into shape in record time.

The new mum lifted the lid in an interview with New! magazine while promoting her stint on ITVBe show Seven Days With, and put her weightloss down to a Healthy diet, breastfeeding and – annoyingly – good genes.

Embracing her newfound role as a mum, the 30 year-old TV personality said that she’s “A lot more healthy now because everything I eat she [Sophia] eats and I want what’s best for her.”

In her quest for the elusive Holy Grail that is THE healthy diet she’s forsaken alcohol, coffee, diet coke, dairy and anything else that generally isn’t organic.

Bad news for all of us who are addicted to caffeine, and like a night out on the tiles followed by a kebab!

Although before you go making plans to get that perfect bod by starting your own family Tamara has also put her weight loss down to a big dose of good luck and good genes.

As she revealed: “I was just lucky I didn’t put on much weight when I was pregnant, so there wasn’t much to lose.

“My mum said she was really skinny when she was breastfeeding, so I think that’s part of it.”

So, before you go throwing out the diet plan it could be best to keep doing what your doing, but it might also cheer you up that Tamara doesn’t have a clue what toast is!

Or bread for that matter.

Surely this is pretty basic information?!

In the upcoming documentary called Seven Days With… Tamara And Jay, the mum-of-one is seen to get herself into a bit of a fluster when she makes her husband, Jay, a bacon sandwich.

Educated in the same prestigious private school as the likes of Jemima Khan, Joan Collins, and a whole host of other posh toffs, you would think that the 30-year-old would at least have some kind of basic bread-based knowledge?

Well, think again.

Tamara says in the cringey clip: “The secret to Jay’s bacon sandwich is brown sauce, he likes the bacon well done and he likes the toast toasted. Is it called bread or toast when it’s not toasted?”


A baffled, and probably despairing, Jay replies: “Bread.”

Yet Tamara just keeps on digging, asking: “Is it toast even when it’s not toasted? Toast is not bread. Bread is a whole loaf that hasn’t been sliced up. This is clearly toast, it’s different. 

“Bread is like what you have in a bread basket in a restaurant.”

And the scary thing is, Tams is being 100% deadly serious.

Her exasparated husband sums up the entire scene by exclaiming: “Oh God. Are you seriously asking  me if toast that is not toasted is still called toast?!”

Erm… It definitely looks like that, Jay.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh?

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