Taylor Swift Admits To Having Anxiety Dreams About The Paparazzi

We genuinely don’t know how these celebs do it – they step out of their house and have about two billion lights flashing in their face and middle-aged men shouting their name… Especially if that name happens to be Taylor Swift.

And now it sounds as though the paparazzi leave a lot more than blurred vision and questionable pics in their wake, with Tay opening the lid on the anxiety she gets as a result of the paps.

Speaking to Dave Berry on Capital radio this morning, the 25-year-old revealed the slightly odd side effect of being the hottest star on the planet right now, sharing: “Oh my God, anxiety dreams, and also my reality, even when I’m not dreaming, is peppered with lots of anxiety.

“There’s a dream that, any time I’m ‘paparazzid’ out, which is a lot, I have dreams that night that they’re in my room taking pictures of me while I am sleeping!

“So I’ll find myself smiling in my sleep, because I think there are people in my room taking pictures of me.

“Not smiling because I’m happy, smiling because I think people are taking pictures of me!”

Erm, if we thought that paps were in our bedrooms taking sleep pics of us we would probably call the cops, not pose with a smile… But then again, we’re nowhere near as gracious as Queen Tay.

Upon hearing her slightly odd response to the anxiety, Dave ~went there~, asking: “Which must be pretty horrifying for anybody that happens to be in that room with you at the same time?!”

To which Taylor retorted: “No-ones ever… It’s horrifying for the cats, Dave. No-ones ever in my bedroom with me, don’t believe what you read!”

Yeah Dave, Taylor’s bedroom is reserved solely for Tay, Meredith, and olivia Benson… And we’re sure that they don’t think her sleep-smiling is horrifying or weird at all.

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