Taylor Swift And Lorde Take A Cooking Class Together And Are Basically The Cutest BFFs EVER

If you say that you don’t want in on this friendship then you’re lying.

Just when we thought that BFFs Taylor Swift and Lorde couldn’t get any cuter, they only went and took a bloomin’ cooking class together!

Making a change from their usual days out shopping, lunching or at the beach, both parts of the most adorbs friendship in celeb-land took to MazSight to share snaps of their girl-date.

24-year-old Taylor took the lead as she posted the first pic and the caption: “Thank you to Chef Jeanie at Ella’s Fine Food and Drink for giving us the best and only cooking lesson we’ve ever had! @lordemusic”

17-year-old Lorde soon followed suit with her own apron-clad shot and the caption: “Took a wonderful cooking class in rhode island alongside the already-super-good-cook, ms. @taylorswift”

What happened to hair being tied back when preparing food, ladies? Let’s just hope they washed their hands!

Anyways, that’s not even all the goss as it appears that the friendship in camp Lorde/ Swift isn’t just limited to the girls, with Lorde recently tweeting Tay Tay’s younger brother Austin about their mutual friend olivia Benson aka Taylor’s new cat!

22-year-old Austin shared a pic of him snuggling up to Olivia wistfully dreaming of the day that she will be big enough to make him look like a Bond villain:

(Erm, before we go any further can we ask WHERE Taylor has been hiding her total hottie of a brother for all of this time?!)

Ahem, back to the subject at hand, eager to show that she is also well in with the kitten cuddles, Lorde responded with her own picture of the cutest feline in pop and the message ‘I refuse to believe that day will come’:


We know that Lorde has a boyfriend (or does she? We haven’t heard about him in a while…) But is it wrong to hope that this is the start of something beautiful? 

And if it’s not, pretty please can have Austin for ourselves?!

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