Taylor Swift Ditched MTV EMAs To Support Younger Brother Austin In His University Play

Way to keep it in the family, Tay.

Taylor Swift is just an all round adorable and lovely individual, and she proved this yet again over the weekend when she snubbed a glitzy showbiz award show to attend her little brother’s Uni play.

22-year-old Austin Swift previously tweeted to his 144,000 followers that he will be acting in a play called ‘Six Characters In Search Of An Author’ that opened at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana last Wednesday.

And Austin’s fellow students got quite a surprise when they attended the 2.30pm Sunday showing of the play and spotted his big sis lending her support alongside their mum two rows from the front of stage.

Gah, the most exciting people we ever got wandering around our Uni campus were S Club 3 when they performed at the Student Union.

The 24-year-old popstar was of course invited to the MTV EMAs in Glasgow that very evening, but proving that family comes first she decided to opt out of showbiz and let her brother have some of that Swifty limelight.

You go, girl.

And once the play was done and dusted, and Taylor no doubt cheered for Austin like there’s no tomorrow, she popped backstage and posed for a variety of snaps with the cast and crew of the play, and even complimented the young actors on their performances.

True to form, Tay didn’t stop at big group photos to get the whole thing over and done with – she even struck a few hilair poses with each member of the cast individually, proving that she’s deffo got time for the fans – even on a day off. 

Vicky Pattison

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