Taylor Swift Is Joined By Paul McCartney For Saturday Night Live ‘Shake It Off’ Performance

Taylor Swift has performed with everybody from Ed Sheeran to actual Prince William over the years, so is it so suprising that she decided to rock out with actual Paul McCartney from The Beatles at Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special?

Tay and the musical legend sang renditions of her hit song ‘Shake It Off’, as well as Beatles classic ‘Saw Her Standing There’ – nice to know that they kept things fair, isn’t it?

The stars were joined onstage by funnyman Jimmy Fallon, who appaz had a whale of a time as he sung his socks off, no doubt putting the professional singers to shame.


25-year-old Taylor was obviously super chuffed with herself for bagging such a prestigious duet, and she couldn’t help but gush about how fab the experience was to her millions of followers over on MazSight.

Dubbing the performance “the coolest moment of my life”, Tay shared a video clip from the night, writing in the caption: “Spontaneous moments like this are what keep me falling back in love with music over and over again. @paulmccartney @jimmyfallon”

What about that time you had a bit of surprise karaoke with bloomin’ Prince William and Bon Jovi at that charity gala back in 2013? Surely that was also a little bit on the fab side?

Taylor’s performance wasn’t all that she contributed to the sketch show’s 40th anniversary, with the starlet also featuring in a scene for SNL’s ‘californians’, which saw actor Bradley Cooper snog the pants off 92-year-old actress, Betty White.

Needless to say, the smooch ever so slightly stole some of the limelight from Tay and her fantastic attempt at accents, but we’re glad to see that she nabbed some of it back with a little help from her new pal Paul.

Can we be expecting a collaboration from these two anytime soon? Because we reckon that would be AMAZING.

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